Film director Sokurov complains about threats to his life received from Chechnya

In his appeal to the Human Rights Council (HRC), film director Alexander Sokurov apologized for what had happened at a meeting with the Russian President. The film director also said that he had received warnings from friends about the threat to his life.

The “Caucasian Knot” has reported that, at the suggestion of Ramzan Kadyrov, a wave of criticism against Alexander Sokurov arose in Chechnya for his statement about separatist sentiments among residents of Northern Caucasus. Ramzan Kadyrov urged to check Alexander Sokurov’s proposal for extremism. Representatives of Chechnya are not inclined to dialogue, and they substitute threats for “political discussion,” Alexander Sokurov says.

On December 9, President Vladimir Putin reacted sharply to Alexander Sokurov’s words and his proposal to release the persons who protested against the Chechen-Ingush border agreement. Alexander Sokurov described the discussion as “a serious conflict with the President.”

“My friends inform me about offensive statements from the Chechen sector … My friends warn me about the impending danger of my life. The only guarantee of my life can be the prevention by the President of such a radical denouement,” the film director stated.

Alexander Sokurov also mentioned the attack on Igor Kalyapin, the head of the “Committee Against Torture” (CaT) NGO, which presumably took place in Grozny in March 2016.

Source : Kavkaz-Uzel

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