Kfar Kama entered the list of the best tourist villages in the world

The village of Kfar Kama was recognized by the United Nations Tourism Organization as a “tourist village” and will be part of an international network of villages that are nurtured by the organization. Kfar Kama was chosen from among 130 places from 57 different countries. The final list of the winning villages will be presented on January 20, 2023.

This is the first time that a place from Israel has entered the prestigious club of countries with settlements that have received international recognition as a “tourist village on behalf of the United Nations Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The purpose of the prestigious competition, which is being held for the second time in a row, is to leverage rural tourism. This, out of a desire to maintain the rural and tourist image of settlements with up to 15,000 inhabitants. 

Kfar Kama contains a historical story about a Circassian community living near mount Tabvor in north Israel, which was established over 150 years ago by Circassians, who came from Circassia in the Caucasus.

“Kfar Kama’s winning as a ‘tourist village’ puts Israel in line with famous tourist sites from around the world,” says Yoel Razbozov, Minister of Tourism. “The choice of the settlement by the United Nations Tourism Organization will make it a pilgrimage center for many tourists and will have an important positive effect on the rural environment in the Galilee area.”

Source : Circassian Press

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