Working meeting of the Coordination Council of the Circassian activists took place in Cherkessk

The leadership of the Maikop Khase and the Circassian Progress took part in the regular meeting of the members of the Coordination Council of the Circassian social activists in Cherkessk on March 21.

Circassian issues were discussed in general and in the context of global challenges.
Particularly relevant was the item on the upcoming census, the response from Rosstat to the council’s appeal and the second appeal to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation M.V. Mishustin and the head of Rosstat P.V. Malkov were discussed, on the inclusion in the list of peoples of the Russian Federation of the general foreign name “Circassians” for all Circassian (Adyghe) sub-ethnic groups.

Source : AdygPlus

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