Kanokov: Knowledge and moral-ethical principles can become the basis for the development of the Circassians

Dear friends! At the end of 2019, the Charity Educational Program of the Adyghe (Circassian) International Academy of Sciences (AMAN) was announced under the patronage of Arsen Kanokov. On December 13, in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, a ceremonial presentation of diplomas to 26 winners of this project took place.

The goal of the program is to train young professionals in leading international schools of business and information technology. The main task is to promote the intellectual and creative growth of the Circassian (Adyghe) youth, to form a community of highly educated specialists and professionals. Arsen Bashirovich believes that it is the advanced knowledge and skills, combined with high moral and ethical principles, that can become a solid foundation for the further progressive development of the Circassians.

Due to the pandemic, the start of training has shifted to a later date, many program participants are waiting for the opening of recruitment at selected universities and changes in the epidemiological situation in the world. 


But already eight of our students have gone abroad and started studying at the best European business schools: Albert Urchukov and Amina Tkhamokova are in the UK, Diana Pshenokova – in the Netherlands, Mohamed Batyrov and Satanei Zhinova – in Switzerland, Zalim Khamizov – in France, Anzor Taov – in Belgium, Marianna Goshokova – in Spain.

We congratulate all the guys on the beginning of an important, interesting stage in their life, we wish them successful, maximally useful study and productive student days. We hope that the education received at the best universities in Europe will further contribute to your professional and career growth, the realization of your potential and the most daring ambitions.

Happy New Year to all participants of the AMAN educational program! May your plans and dreams come true in 2021! Good health, happiness, joy, good luck and success to you and all your loved ones !

Arsen Kanokov, Senator of Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federationand former President of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

Source : AdygPlus

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