In the cinemas of the North Caucasus will start showing the Circassian film “Prince Marukh”

This month, the cinemas of the North Caucasus and the Russian Federation will show the Circassian film “Prince Marukh. The Road of Courage”, filmed by the Creative Association “ORSER KUP”. Written and directed by Hussein Daurov. The film was made with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Adygea and with the financial support of the Head of the Republic of Adygea and a number of sponsors.

New film “Prince Marukh. The Road of Courage” allow the viewer to personally touch the past of the Circassian (Adyghe) people. Hussein Daurov tried to carefully reproduce the world of Circassia in the 19th century.

“Prince Marukh is an interesting historical figure. He returns home to Circassia from Egypt and still does not know about the state and aspirations of his people. After a while life puts everything in its place. The film tells about the life path and the formation of the prince, about his recognition, fame and courage. I first learned about him many years ago from the monograph by Ruslanida Kuadzhe, where several paragraphs were devoted to the duel between prince Marukh and the Bzhedug prince. Became interested in his personality, looking for information. And so the idea to make a film was born,” Hussein Daurov told SA.


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